Grindel Case Study

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Grindel, C. (2005). Influencing Health Care Policy with Our Children In Mind. Medsurg Nursing, 14(5), 277-278.

Gridel (2005) focuses on the differences in coverage of children with private versus public health insurance and those children who do not have coverage or gaps in their coverage and how it affects their overall health. Full year coverage is the key for high access to care but public health coverage does better overall then private coverage. Children with breaks in coverage or no coverage tend to have more limited access. These children are not seen for well-visits, get their medications or are even seen in the first place. These insurance gaps show a lack of health care promotion for children (Gridel, 2005).
Gridel (2005) points out that the United States of America is the industrialized nation that does not pay for health services for all. It is also pointed out that the focus of care in the United States is acute needs not preventative. These items directly influence the type of care provided and the long term outcome of not only pediatric patients but all patients (Gridel, 2005).
Gridel (2005) calls for
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The article points out that programs such as CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid are present but tend to be the focus of what is provided for children and miss a lot of the needs that exist. Cohen points out “child health policy must encompass programs in areas such as child care (including care for school-age children), child development, bullying prevention and other aspects of mental and behavioral health, education, and immigration reform” (2012). Cohen points out that growth and development are directly affected by the health of the child. Therefore, if a child’s health needs are not met, learning and developing will not occur as it should

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