Essay on Greek Influences On The Roman Culture

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Etruscans are often viewed as the “proto-Romans”, but is it true? Well considering that the Etruscans were a rich society that favored the arts and trade. As well as being a civilization that made some ground breaking work in architectures, I would say calling them “proto-Romans” would not be that far off. Though with that said, considering how close they were in proximity to early Rome and how similar their art and architecture was to the Roman styles it might not be so much that they were “proto-Romans” but that they were new age Greeks, and were a heavy part of the Greek influences in the Roman culture. One can see the similarities of the architecture in a few key examples. The first of which is the Porta Augusta. This gateway could mistake for Roman due to its design but is actual Etruscan. Now the reason people would mistake it for Roman is the fact that it is commonly though of that the Romans invented the archway. The arch itself is a barrel vault design which one can see used commonly in Roman Aqueducts and more prominently in The Arch of Titus. One reason it could also be mistaken for Roman is the heavy Greek influences that adorn the arch way such as the decorative rows of circular panels that line the top, or the column-like upright strips along the way. The Etruscans however were even greater fans of the Greeks since they were one of their major trade partners, before the Romans enslave the Etruscans after their war. Besides the archway, after the…

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