Essay about Greek Art : Ancient Athens

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Greece is known for its famous exhibitions of sculptures capturing the human form in a unique perception. The friezes that are shown tells a much deeper story, exhibiting a mythology from ancient athens. Greek artists were particularly fascinated with proportion and composition of their execution that has made some of their sculptures most significant today. Among Greece artist, the most recognizable sculptures and architect was done by Phedias, who has made his mark in Greece in his specialization in gold and ivory statues. He established a general perception of Zeus and Athena while also depicting myths of battles. Pheidias is responsible of the construction of the Parthenon marbles that served as a treasury as well as a temple dedicated to the city of patron goddess. Neil Kinnock once stated “ The Parthenon without the marble is a smile with a tooth missing.” The Parthenon was considered the root of where all artist began. Athenian art thrived, both supported and reflective of the political power of the city. After much time many of the surviving sculptures of the Parthenon were shipped to England on special orders from the British Embassador. The Greek government requested that the sculptures be shipped back due to its impactful history associated with its city, however Britain denied the request. With both power and exposure much controversies arose regarding The Elgin Marbles, raising the question if the Parthenon sculptures belongs to Athens or if the British…

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