Greek and Roman Environment Essay

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Looking at the environment today, one can easily say that the goodness of the environment is deteriorating due to the lack of concern and care. However, many don't realise that most of the environmental problems that we have today such as erosion and forest depletion is actually the after math of environmental disasters that happened years ago. When examining the environmental problems of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the statement “cause and effect”, plays a very significant role in explaining the relationship between humans of that time and the effects that had placed on the environment around them. In many cases, the effects of their cause were very threatening to the environment. By looking back and what the Greeks and Romans had …show more content…
Clearing for agriculture also had a significant amount of impact on deforestation, yet not so harsh as warfare. New farms had begun to establish is forested regions which in result called for the removal of forests to make room for farming. “Trees were uprooted or cut down, the useful parts removed and the rest burned.” (Donald Hughes 77). Overgrazing of domestic animals was also seen as “one of the most consistent and widespread forces of environmental degradation” (Donald Hughes 77). The four major animals for grazing in Greco-Roman were cattle, sheep, goats, and swine. Goats were the most destructive grazing animals as they prevented forest regeneration by eating baby trees right from its roots. When we combine all these factors together, there is no doubt that the environment in which the ancient Greeks and Romans were living was slowly, yet surely deteriorating.

The effects of deforestation could then be seen through four major concerns. The first is the disruption of water supply and flooding. “Forests regulate the runoff of the precipitation they receive. Like a sponge, the plants and soil hold water and preventing floods” (Donald Hughes 82). Therefore due to deforestation, erosion of hillsides will occur, flooding since there will be no trees to absorb the water, and siltation of lowlands and coastlands. “Unimpeded erosion destroyed

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