Greece Child Labor Case Study

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1. Describe and contrast some of the atrocities that children are facing in the various countries (choose two)

The atrocities that I will approach are child labor and education, between the two counties Greece and France. Greece and the urge of child labor seem to be quite important to their people. According to (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice) children between the ages 14 and 19 are allowed to work hourly paying jobs in order to help their families. Most hold jobs in agriculture, fishing, car mechanics and construction. Children between the ages 3and15 are forced work for free economic or migrants or traffic light. Statistics says there are approximately 80,000 minors working in Greece (Children’s Right: International
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What changes have these countries made to combat some of these abuses?

Both Countries have adopted laws to enforce upon the people that certain things are not legal. According to the reading, Greece outlawed activities such as begging and other forms of labor in the streets, including selling flowers, cleaning shoes, or cleaning car windshields (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice)
In the last ten years, Greece has paid more attention to the issue of balancing family responsibilities and work and providing more day cares for the ages 2-6. (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice). Meaning they are eliminating the number of children who are forced to start working at the age of 3. By the children with the chance to start learning at an early age.

3. What is the UN convention of rights of children?
Is the treaty between all countries, that grants anyone under the age 18 their basic human rights of life. These countries are bounded to protect the children, and provide them with equal opportunity in all aspects of life. Meaning they should not be treated with any form of discrimination. It is there born giving right to have equal access to health care, education, etc. They also should be protected from any harmful or dangerous environments. Which includes Drugs, child labour education and much more (Rights under the Convention on the Rights of the
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This nation and the caretakers of each child are responsible for making sure that each child is treated equally and fairly at any circumstance. Meaning that whatever is done for one child or group of children should be done for the other. It is this nations mission to provide the best life that we can for the children in it. Additionally, its purpose is to make children basic every day needs. This treaty must respect and provide for any and every child no matter the circumstance. Children are our future and if we expect this world to continue to grow we must make this treaty

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