Great People Incorporated Essay

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Below are the list of problems categorized into short and long term aspects
1. People (Long Term)
Lack of relationship with the placed Executive Assistants who are working for Small business and Sole proprietorship clients.
Collaborative planning and working is missing between Great People Inc and their clients.

2. Process (Short & Long Term)
The process in place is completely outdated and more of traditional approach which doesn’t work in this fast paced environment. It would certainly result a loss of business or customers in the long run.
Lack of process knowledge and there is no SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) in place, which would have a major impact in the revenue.
Accounting has little visibility over their
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Effective / Efficient CRM Tool ( Microsoft Dynamics)
Strategic Advantage of Technology by sharing or leveraging within clients

Dissatisfaction leads to loss of customer base
Welcoming Competitors to take control
High Attrition rates
Exhibit 1 – SWOT Analysis
The above analysis helps us to understand the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats present in Great People Incorporated. GPI is under major scrutiny that the customers were dissatisfied or not happy about the current process. GPI should address those issues quickly with some process thought to avoid the same errors in the near future.

Exhibit 2: Performance Evaluation & Reporting Requirements

Exhibit 2.1: Points and KPI Metrics

Since we never had any numbers to quantify the case, based on assumption an evaluation and analysis is done. As per the above numbers, Great People would fall under “Average”.
Reporting Requirements:
I would consider the above mentioned parameters mentioned on Exhibit 2 & 2.1 for reporting. Also, with the help of CPFR and CRM Dynamics, it would help Great People Inc to synergize their

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