Failure Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a very important novel from the 1920 's, that goes into the minds of the people from that time. It provides a very good insight into the way people acted and how they perceived America at that point in time. Jay Gatsby goes from rags to riches, throughout the novel. With his riches, Jay Gatsby is trying to achieve the American Dream. But in the end, even with all the money that Jay Gatsby had, he fails at his dream. Hardly anyone attends Jay Gatsby 's funeral, this shows that people were just using Jay Gatsby for his extravagant parties that he would throw. The purpose of the novel as author F. Scott Fitzgerald describes it, is that the American
Dream is unachievable. No matter how much money they have, you can not live
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Jay Gatsby throughout the novel always is trying to recreate his past and in the mean time achieve the American Dream. Jay Gatsby was the typical American
Hero, the war hero with many medals and becoming rich although he came from nothing in his childhood, with these riches he tries to recreate his past with his lost love Daisy Buchanan, he fails, therefore failing the American Dream. In The Great Gatsby, the American Dream is unattainable.
Jay Gatsby is a very unusual American Hero. Even though Jay Gatsby brought up his
American Hero status when he went to the Great War and fought in this war, even though he had
Allen !2 a very suspicious rise to stardom. He has a very large mansion in New York that he throws extravagant parties in, "If for a time the whole front of Gatsby 's mansion catches the light as if blazing with light" (Schneider). His house seems to be an amusement park, glowing with light.
But before he had all this, he went to the Great War. During the war he received a lot of
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Dan Cody is all the Jay Gatsby wants to be, the self made millionaire with all the money that you could possibly want. Dan Cody is a very important person in Jay Gatsby 's life and Dan Cody pushes Jay Gatsby to be a very successful person. Jay Gatsby wants really bad to become a self made millionaire. Jay Gatsby is very persistent in what he is doing, Dan Cody thinks very highly of Gatsby 's work ethic, and his morals. But
Jay Gatsby 's dreams of being a millionaire are interrupted by his flawed views on what is actually reality, and what is materialistic. Jay Gatsby believes that he can do anything with the money that he has earned. Jay Gatsby believes that he is somewhat invincible, that he can do no wrong.
But Jay Gatsby is very flawed. Jay Gatsby believes that he can recreate the past, he is very naive.
This leads to Jay Gatsby 's failure, and his failure of the American Dream.
Allen !3
Before Jay left for the war he met the woman of his dreams, Daisy Buchanan. They had plans of getting married, dreams of a future together. Jay was absolutely in love with Daisy,

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