Great Expectations By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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One moment. A single event can change a person’s life forever, but it does not have to define them. Everyone has experienced suffering or pain at some point in their life, but the difference is how they coped with the agony that they felt. Great Expectations is a book that revolves around the hopes, struggles and, disappointments of others. A surplus of the characters are plagued with tremendous loss and face horrible and unimaginable tragedies. One character in particular, Miss Havisham, is confronted by catastrophe and misery multiple times, but allows these moments define her as a person. Miss Havisham is broken, never finding the strength to recover, and she forces herself to endure a life of sadness after that fateful day.
The single defining moment, belonging to Miss Havisham is one that not only changes her into a cold hearted monster, but makes her truly believe that love is just a figment of people 's imagination. It is said that during the time of her passionate romance, “all the susceptibility she possessed, came out” allowing her to “passionately love him” (Dickens 169). Miss Havisham, for the first time, is allowing herself to fully be submerse in the idea that Compeyson unconditionally loves her. He is the only man, after her father, to make her feel the pleasure that she is the only girl in the world, and that their love is eternal. Miss Havisham, so distracted by her newly discovered love, fails to notice that “he got great sums of money from her, and he…

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