Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Essay

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Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, represents the morality and ambition of self improvement in Victorian England. Dickens’s early life, which was during the Victorian era, has hidden connects with Pip’s situations and struggles. This paper will be exploring and comparing the concepts of two literary criticisms, Himmet Umunç’s, “Class Mobility in Victorian England and the Social Rise of the Underprivileged” and Nicholas Shrimptons, “Dickens’s Muscular Novel”. It is important to revisit Dickens’s past because Great Expectations represents many aspects of Dickens’s early life. Dickens was born in 1812 and moved to London in 1821 when his father accumulated consistent debt. His father was sent to “debtor’s prison” in 1824 and Dickens’s mother decided that their children would stay with their father, in prison. Dickens’ mother arranged for him to work outside of prison to support the family. Dickens was miserable and hated his job because he believed he was capable of more. Once Dickens’s father was released from prison and Dickens finished schooling, he became a law clerk and then a famous writer. As mentioned in Sparknotes, “Many of the events from Dickens’s early life are mirrored in Great Expectations, which, apart from David Copperfield, is his most autobiographical novel.” The novel has also taken place in early Victorian time, 1837-1901, at a time where class, wealth, and mobility were very significant. It relates to Dickens’s struggles and how he had to overcome…

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