Grand Rally Essay

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(Pakiemphasize ung last paragraph ha.? Bigyan mo ng buhay ung last part)
A pleasant morning to all of you. I am Kenneth Errol C. Pajotal, III-St. Therese under the advisory class of Mrs. Lulu Quialquial. I am here confidently standing in front of you to give my warmest gratitude for giving me this opportunity to run as the vice president of the School Council of Students under (party with the meaning).
It is with my great honor and pride to run as vice president of the council because I was previously involved in many organizations which boosts my ability in leadership. I was also voted as one of those officers who helped in making changes for the school’s sake. Last year’s members of the SCS did a great job in
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In short, I’ll promise less but I will deliver more. If you empower me with your confidence and trust, I will do everything to fulfill what I am saying right now. I will strive harder to be your future leader. I will not be your BOSS, I will be your LEADER. What’s the difference? Because a BOSS says “I” while a LEADER says “We”. A boss? He/she says “GO” but a LEADER says “LET US GO” . So I’ll always be your leader, a leader not a boss.
“Kung noong 2010 -Mel Aljon Montesa, 2011-Ave Jianne Garcia, 2012- Miquiel Annika Luniza, sana ngayong 2013 – Kenneth Errol Pajotal na.” Again, I am Kenneth Errol C. Pajotal running for Vice President of (party). New leader? New vision? New Direction? ERROL- a man with action! It’s time for change. Change we need and a change we believe in! Secure your future. Kenneth Errol Pajotal for your Vice President. Vote wisely. Vote (party). Have a great day.

Good luck errol
(Short lang to)
Good morning/afternoon (Section). I’m Kenneth Errol C. Pajotal , III-St. Therese running as the vice president of the (party) under the advisory class of Mrs. Lulu Quailquial. Thank you for letting me speak in front of you.
I run for this position to help in improving changes in our alma mater. I’m not going to convince you that I’m the best for this position but I will do everything to fulfill my responsibility. I will not promise that I will promise anything. We are here to serve you not to be served by

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