Gran Torino Essay

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There are age related conflicts, cultural conflicts, religious conflicts and value based conflicts. This movie is a film highlighting many cultural conflicts. These conflicts continuously erupt in a working class Michigan neighborhood. We will first examine a scene with religious cultural conflict. In the same scene we will see age based cultural conflict as well. Next, we will examine a racial cultural conflict between the Hmong people and an American. After examining cultural conflicts, we will show two examples of popular culture in the film. Then, we will provide the conflict management styles we would have employed to bring the same result as the current ending without the bloodshed and a general opinion of the film.
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The initial conflict is between cultures due to a language barrier and lack of cultural knowledge on Walt’s part, but Walt is satisfied with Sue’s explanation of the Hmong culture and he becomes more tolerant of their cultural norms throughout the film. He relishs the attention and food the Hmong women are heaping upon him. This scene displays cultural conflict from conflict to appreciation of the Hmong culture by Walt, especially, the continuous feeding by the Hmong women.
There are many examples of popular culture in the film. Two examples of popular culture dealing with racial stereotypes are Asians driving a Honda or Japanese vehicle with a spoiler on the back and African American men harassing women in the neighborhood. The first example is the Hmong gang riding around in a “rice burner” vehicle with a spoiler on the back. This is a popular stereotype perpetuated by films like the “Fast and the Furious”. From popular culture, you would believe Asians drive only Asian manufactured vehicles. This popular culture stereotype is broken when Walt wills his 1972 Gran Torino to Thao. Thao is shown driving the vehicle with Daisy, Walt’s Labrador retriever in the front seat as the final scene in the film. The second popular culture stereotype is a scene where Sue and her Caucasian suitor are being harassed by a group of three African American men. Sue states the fact that they are exemplifying African American stereotypes by harassing her

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