Graduation Speech : I Hate School ! Essay

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In many high schools across America you can hear the same resounding chant in the halls: “I hate school!” Even those who are doing well, as in have high letter grades and are ‘succeeding’ in school, are not exempt from this view. I have heard many people say after high school, “I love learning, but I hate school.” Learning and understanding new concepts is something people strive to do throughout their lives but in a school environment where grades are the most important part of the education process, educators may choose to teach solely for their students to pass the test. This may sound efficient but instead leads to ineffective learning habits and a lack of critical thinking and deep understanding of concepts.
I can distinctly remember my classes in high school that followed this model. The amount of class time spent on test preparation left no time for discussion or expanding on topics. My classes that strived to really help the students understand and opened up a dialogue with us were always a breath of fresh air. For example, my ninth grade English class always sticks out in my mind as a classroom where our voices were heard. The instructor was extremely attentive to our needs and questions, which looking back now I’m sure was exhausting for her. Each one of her students left her classroom not only with answers to test questions, but new questions to ponder. She challenged each of us to come to class with an idea, something new that had not been presented, and post it…

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