Essay about Graduation Speech : Emerging Adulthood

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According to Invitation to the Lifespan, Beth, the first women I interviewed, is in the Emerging Adulthood stage of life. Emerging adulthood is the period of life between 18 and 25 and is considered the transitioning phase from adolescence to adulthood. (Berger, 2016) Beth is an 18-year-old female and the older of two children. She is currently in her freshman year at a University in California. She is unmarried, which is typical of people in the emerging adulthood stage. (Berger, 2016)
Emerging adulthood is characterized by great learning and growth, both physically and psychologically. This stage is full of changes: moving out from under parental authority, asserting your independence, and going to college. (Berger, 2016) Beth says that more freedom and the feeling of entering the real world is one of the main differences in this stage. She loves to exert her new freedom, for example, she just colored her hair pink and is planning to get her tragus pierced. The penchant for experimentation is an expected characteristic in this stage of life. (Berger, 2016) The changes this year, graduating high school and beginning college, have been the biggest milestones of Beth’s life. Another part of emerging adulthood is figuring your identity. Berger says, “Identity continues to be worked out in this stage.”(Berger, 2016) Beth told me this is something she struggles with. She says she is still figuring out who she is as well as what she wants to do with her life, and especially what…

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