Essay on Government Policies Of The Northern Intervention

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Government Policies The government policies of the Northern Intervention consist of 4 major bills: the northern territory national emergency response bill, social security amendment, families, community, services, and other legislation amendment, and the appropriation bill of 2007. The legislation of the intervention presented many policies involving indigenous life. The legislation introduced alcohol restrictions for aboriginals as well as welfare reforms to end the flow of money towards substance abuse. Instead, the money was pushed towards child welfare. The intervention enforced school attendance among children on all aboriginal land by linking their attendance with the family’s income support. Children were brought in for compulsory health checks in order to treat both physical and mental problems (Altman 4). Policing levels significantly increased in aboriginal communities as well as the required clean up of communities to become safer and healthier by forcing local work forces to ‘work for the dole’. The intervention introduced market based rent and tenancy agreements and extinguished the permit system to improve housing arrangements and community life. Possession of X-rated pornography was completely banned and all publically funded computers were audited in order to identify any illegal material. The intervention also appointed managers in prescribed communities in order to handle any business the community may have with the government (“Social Justice Report…

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