Government Corruption And Political Power Essay

1020 Words Oct 20th, 2015 5 Pages
Government corruption can be defined as political power used by government leaders for private gain and to maintain their power as a government official. Most of the times these corrupt politicians say they are accomplishing to the best of their abilities to catch criminals when, in reality, they commit the same multitude of crimes. They are able to maintain their power as a result of most people not voting due to thinking that they will not make a difference and because the politicians have under the table deals that ensure people vote for them. In order to stop this corruption voters must recognize that they can influence an election by participating in their democracy and not making private deals with corrupt officials. Democracy started in Latin America in 1959. Starting in Venezuela and eventually making its way across the rest of Latin countries. Prior to democracy the central form of government was totalitarianism where all of the political power lies on the head of the country. Before the country became a democracy, the word of the one in charge of the country was law and could not be gone against or there would have been horrible consequences. Now that it is a democracy,the government says the power lies with the people, however, corrupt politicians genuinely hold the power, mainly through the practice of bribery. Democracy is supposed to be about equal opportunity but when bribery is brought into the balance it disrupts the scale to tip the scales into the favor…

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