Government And Rights Of The French Revolution Essay

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Government and Rights People are born with natural rights and have the right to exercise them no matter what type of government they abide by. In 1790, Edmund Burke wrote the essay, Reflections on the Revolution in France in response to the French Revolution. That same month, Mary Wollstonecraft responded to Burke with her Vindication of the Rights of Man, challenging his work. Burke and Wollstonecraft present a unique and persuasive argument in regards to the role of government and its exertion of human rights; however, Wollstonecraft expresses a more realistic way people and government can exercise their rights. A civilization cannot run itself because there needs to be a government present to assure that things run smoothly and that citizens can practice their natural rights. Edmund Burke is a believer in governments running a society but is more traditional and favors monarchies. Burke explains, “The simple governments are fundamentally defective, to say no worse of them” (Burke 7). Governments are necessary to have a civilization without chaos. Burke categorizes a democracy as too simple and will fail easily because they have are new ideas supported be people who have no idea if it will be a success or failure. Burke believes that since monarchies have been around for so long, they surly will not fail. Monarchies are more complex and have worked longer than democracies. Monarchies were oppressive and restrained people from executing their rights. Similarly,…

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