Gorbachev 's Life And Upbringing Essay

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Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev was born in 1931, in Privolnoye, Russia. Gorbachev’s family was very poor and as a teenager, he contributed to his family’s income by driving tractors at the local machine station (Biography, 2015). Gorbachev’s young life and upbringing was that of a communist country. He graduated from high school with a silver medal in 1950. He then continued his academics at the Moscow University, which was the premier school in the Soviet Union. Gorbachev graduated in 1955 from the university with a law degree (Biography, 2015). Gorbachev’s political career began while still in high school where became a candidate member of the Communist party. However, it was not until 1952 that he was granted full membership. His former classmates approached him and offered him a position as the assistant director of propaganda for the Communist youth league. Throughout the 1960s, Gorbachev advanced in his political position focusing on agriculture and economics. In 1985, Gorbachev was elected as general secretary of the Communist Party. During his term as secretary, he was faced with many domestic problems and escalating Cold War struggles. He was engaged in a costly race with U.S. president Ronald Reagan to have nuclear weapons in space. This political race took a sufficient toll on the Soviet economy. Gorbachev continued to create reforms that he believed would improve the standard of living for the Soviet citizens…

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