Google Case Essay

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On july 19, 2005, Google announced the opening of a product research and development center in China, to be led by renowned computer scientist and industry pioneer Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. Dr. Lee served as de company´s first president and hoped to exploit China´s thriving economy, excellent universities and multitude of talent to help
Google develop new products and expand its international business operations. One of the company´s goals was to revitalize the Google website and offer a search engine catered specifically to the Chinese population.
The launch of the new web site and sear engine,, enable the company to create a greater presence in the growing Chinese market and
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This wasn´t an easy choice, but in the end, we believe the course of action we´ve chosen will prove to be the right one.
Launching a Google domain that restricts information in any way isn´t a step we took lightly. For several years, we´ve debated whether entering the Chinese market at this point in history could be consistent with our mission and values. Our executives have spent a lot of time in recent months talking with many people, ranging from those who applaud the Chinese government for its embrace of a market economy and its lifting of 400 million people out of poverty to those who disagree with many of the
Chinese government´s policies. We ultimately reached our decision by asking ourselves which course would most effectively further Google´s mission to organize the world´s

information and make it universally useful and accessible. Or, put simply: how can we provide the greatest access to information to the greatest number of people?
Filtering our search results clearly compromises our mission. Failing the offer
Google search at all to a fifth of the world´s population, however, does so far more severely. Whether our critics agree with our decision or not, due to the severe quality problems faced by users trying to access Google. Com from within China, this is precisely the choice we believe we faced. By launching Google. Cn and making a major ongoing investment in people and infrastructure

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