Goodfellas: a Movie Review Essay

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Born on November 17, 1942 in Queens, New York, Martin Scorsese is one of the most eminent and momentous directors in the history of film. He graduated from NYU as a film major in 1964. (Imbd). He has also admitted to being deeply influenced by the “French New Wave” in Cinema, with likes of Ingmar Bergman and Federico Fellini as just some of his favorite directors. His films vary from themes of the Italian American in New York to crime and violence. Just a few of Scorsese awards comprise of the academy award for best director, the order of merit of the Italian Republic, and three of his films are in AFI’s top 100 movies of all-time. ( N.Y. Times). Some of his most widely acclaimed works are Goodfella’s (1990), Casino
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The scene ends with Henry rising in the ranks with the associates of the Lucchese crime family, and the viewer begins to form an understanding of the train of thought of the main character, while Henry himself finds an identity with these mobsters. The camera always shows all of the mobsters together from a distance to show you unity and affiliation. The next scene begins when Henry is older and fully fledged in the Mafia. Scorsese uses a vertical shot starting from Henry’s feet to his face showing his growth and maturity. A pan shot opens space to the audience by providing a more panoramic view of the scene from the horizontal movement of the camera (Barsam 3 251). The director uses a quick panoramic shot technique at the mafia restaurant to signify the insignificance of those characters in the movie. As the camera does a pan tilt across the table we could see the gangsters jewelry, cigars, expensive clothes, and food, which is adds to the character of Henry Hill in that he is materialistic. Also there is dim, red lamps on the table that shines low red light on the faces of all the mobsters on the table, and this could represent the unpredictable, violent, and mysterious life of the gangsters. Then the camera zooms into Henry showing him smoking, and looking at his watch anxiously. This is constantly used in the movie, for example in the first scene in the car Henry

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