Good Vs. Good Life Essay

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The good life has many different aspects and opinions. Some people say that money is key to the good life, but that is not my idea. The good life involves a family, namely good solicitous parents. Having good parents has a good effect on how people are influenced and their future. While it is not always a rule, in most circumstances, it is the truth. My parents raised me well, they showed me love, manners and how to be a good person. Parents need to give their children some resistance because life is not always sugar coated and resistance will be good for you. Having good parents involves having a support system. A good support system is always important in life whether you are 10 years or 70 years old. Good parents are there to support and guide their children . So to me, a part of the good life is having good parents because they set you up for having a good life and future.

A childhood is where you are taught how to be a good person. People grow up, they get older and you start to experience new things. Children start school and start making friends. This is the point where children may start to see the important of school and a good education. While school focuses on learning, it is not always just learning what the teacher is saying, it is also learning how to communicate with others, be a part of a team and how to network. Even at a young age, we are starting to build characteristics that will help us later in life.

Parents, friends, school and hobby’s are all…

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