Good To Eat Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… B.the seaside of Bali, in Indonesia

C.a cool forest area in North Africa

D.the high mountains of Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan high plateaus of southern Sudan

F.the Black Sea area of Turkey
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1). The important foods associated with this country are buttery, greasy, sugary, and fatty foods; such as fried chicken, pork chitterlings, starch, ect. We American uses poor judgment when it comes to storing food into our bodies, we tend to eat more unhealthy foods than good nutritious food. Instead of leaning more toward the foods that are healthier for our bodies we chooses to rely on food that causes us all kinds of serve health issues. “Nutritional costs and benefits form a fundamental part of the balance-preferred foods generally pack more energy, proteins, vitamins, or minerals per serving than avoided foods” (Harris, 1987, chap. 1). As a child growing up one vegetable I did not like to eat was sliming okras whether it is deep fried, grilled, garlic, or mixed in with other foods. I do not like the smell or tastes of okra it make me want to vomit. For some reason my mother said that in India okras or called ladyfingers. Some foods we try to eating avoid are cows, pigs, and deer meats. Every time we turn around the social media is always informing us that red meat can increase health risks, including risk of cancer heart disease, and type 2 diabetes? “Some foods are highly nutritious, but people spurn them because too much time and effort are needed to produce them or because of the adverse effects they have on soil, …show more content…
Food chains are intricate ecological relationships among organisms that are the heart of stability in ecological systems (forests, oceans, prairies, rivers, etc....). Examples of issues related with ecosystem destabilization are: erosions, diseases, lack of food productions, lack of medicines, lack of materials for clothing (almost all materials used for clothing come from the forests), deterioration of air and water quality, etc... Much of our food and medicines come from plants, many of which rely on stable relationships with animals in order to survive. The economical impact of neglected biodiversity far exceeds those of our wars. The issue is that we do not see it, because they are indirect costs. I strongly believe that we must make every possible effort in maintaining biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. The Endangered Species Act is one tool that helps support such a balance, but perhaps we should assure a better redistribution of government funds so that programs like this can survive in the long run. Biodiversity is critically important to us for various reasons. For example, one of the main reasons why biodiversity is vital to us is because it stabilizes ecosystem dynamics. This means that the greater the diversity of life in any given ecosystem, the more stable the system will be. As an example, think of an object being suspended in the air by a system of chains. If only one chain holds it up,

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