Essay about Good People By David Foster Wallace

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The title of the short story “Good People,” implies that the story will be about people who are morally right by the cultural standard. With characters that have reached sainthood for many of the good deeds that they have done in their lives. This gives the reader expectations they are about to read an uplifting and encouraging story that will change the reader’s life. However, the title is ironic, because the character is not a saint, in fact, they face with the taboo subject of teen pregnancy. In “Good People,” David Foster Wallace uses religion, symbolism, and cultural pressure to show Lane as a character who is unable to own his sin and forces his girlfriend to deal with it.
First, Lane’s religious upbringing tortures him as he mulls over what he has done to Sheri. His faith or lack of faith in God is the driving force for Lane in the story. Lane conflicted in his beliefs and “Sometimes when alone and thinking or struggling to turn a matter over to Jesus Christ in prayer… Two days before, he had awakened very early and tried to pray but could not” (150). Throughout this whole situation, Lane realizes that he only plays Church. Lane was a Christian because his parents were Christians, Sheri was also a strong Christian, and now that he has got Sheri knocked up, he was afraid of his parent 's religion. Sex before marriage is probably one of the biggest no no’s in Christianity. Now Lane has committed this big sin, he feels reality setting in soon. If his sin is not dealt…

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