`` Good Country People `` Essay

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“Good Country People” illustrates that not being spiritual nor moral will lead to great loss. Hulga believes she is much more intelligent and cultured than her mother and those around her, especially because of her choice to be atheistic. When a good country Bible salesperson, Pointer, arrives, she believes she can easily trick and corrupt him, yet even when he tricks her by using her expectations of him as a fine Christian against her, she attempts to reaffirm her spiritual position by criticizing his, stating “‘you’re a fine Christian! You’re just like them all - say one thing and do another. You’re a perfect Christian” (184). This is dismissed by Pointer, who tells her he does not believe what he sells, and that she is not as smart as she thinks she is. The intent to seduce and corrupt Pointer, as well as a lack of spiritual beliefs, leads to Hulga’s loss of a leg, symbollically representing her ability, as she is stranded without it. Pointer is an amoral atheist that steals prosthetics from girls he tricks. His inability to judge his actions morally or consider sin empowers him and allows him to control others. His entrance into the story begins with manipulating Mrs. Hopewell, Hulga’s mother, through social convention, into inviting him in, and then asks why she did not have a Bible in her parlor. Upon hearing her excuse of having an atheist daughter, he still maintains power through guilt by stating “‘Lady…for a Chrustian, the word of God ought to be in every room in…

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