Good Country People Literary Analysis Essays

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Erika Fuller
“Good Country People” Flannery O’Connor’s dismissal of the outside world allows you to understand more of the symbolic quality of all of the active characters. Even the names she chooses for each character help her to establish their significance in the story. O’Connor uses symbolism, good versus evil and the psychological and physiological problems of the characters to create irony in “Good Country People”. O’Connor also uses Biblical parallels for inspiration to depict events in the story. All of O’Connor’s stories have characters that aren’t your typical run of the mill people; she also uses a lot of symbolism and irony in her characters physical appearances. The story is divided into four distinct sections which helps
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Hulga is always trying to escape from the Southern social conventions and stereotypes in which her mother and Mrs. Freeman are immersed. Hulga is very self-assured about herself and her vision of life, which is a nihilistic and atheist point of view; as one of her books reads: "If science is right, then one thing stand firm: Science wishes to know nothing of nothing. Such is after all the strictly scientific approach to Nothing. We know it by wishing to know nothing of Nothing” (O'Connor 268-9). She is also very proud of her education; she thinks that it makes her superior than all of these “country people” with their simple ways and religious beliefs, and as a result refuses to intermingle with any of the people around her. Hulga is blind to the world as it really is and it is ironic since she attempts to show her mother’s blindness to her and ends up revealing her own. She even fantasizes about showing Pointer how the world really “works” but it’s he who teaches her a lesson about the real world.
Then there’s Mrs. Freeman, Mr. Freeman and their daughters Glynese and Caramae, however only Mrs. Freeman has an active role in the story, her husband and daughters are only used as objects of interest in discussions. The Freeman name is a direct play on the status of the family as tenant farmers. Mrs. Freeman has a clearer view of the world, which is obvious because she doesn’t take Hulga or

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