Golf Industry Case Essay

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Golf Industry 2009 Case Analysis
Michael George
Central Michigan University
MGT 495 Section #2216221

Table of Content
1.Introduction page 1
2.Five Forces of Competition pages 1-4
3.Driving Forces page 4
4.Strategic Map page 5
5.Conclusion page 5
6.Biography page 6

In this case study we look at the golf equipment industry in 2009 and its driving forces that affect the competition amongst its leaders. The companies examined in the study are Callaway Golf, TaylorMade-Adidas Golf, Titleist/Cobra Golf, Ping Golf, and Nike Golf. We will examine the competitive forces being dealt with by these companies, the driving forces that are affecting the industry, and the attractiveness of the industry to these
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The big manufacturers in the industry are still able to control the outsourcing of their proprietary technologies in the club heads themselves(Gamble 2011, p.289).
-Competitive Forces of Potential New Entrants(Gamble 2011, pp.51-53) Given the declining numbers of rounds played and equipment purchased(Gamble 2011, pp.283-286) and the declining profits of the existing manufacturers it would seem that the threat of new entrants into this competitive model would be relatively low at this time. If and when the demand and profits return to their climbs of the 1990’s perhaps more manufacturers would seek entry into this market because of its relatively low cost of entry.
Driving Forces of the Industry The driving forces in the golf equipment industry are the declining numbers of golfers due to economic pressures on discretionary income and the halted lack of new innovations in the marketplace. Along with the rest of the economy, the golf industry faces a shift to savings in discretionary income(Gamble 2011, p.280) and a higher percentage of unemployed workers
limiting the dollars being spent on golf. Also, prior to the economic

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