King Arthur's Goldfish-Personal Narrative

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Once upon a time, there was a fish, a goldfish named Goldy the Golden Goldfish, but that’s not important right now. What is important is the owner of the fish, Sir Jeff. Now Sir Jeff was a youthful, strong and handsome knight. In fact, he was also the bravest and most secure knight of all of King Arthur’s court. Any quest, any competition, any situation there was nothing that Sir Jeff couldn’t handle. He had killed countless spiders, 54 trolls, 34 phoenixes, 10 griffins, 3 dragons and the great snake of destiny. Though he was a youthful, strong and handsome knight he was quite unintelligent. If the IQ test was around in Arthurian times he would’ve gotten a 73 and been happy about passing. It began on a day like any other, it was …show more content…
Please help! I seem to have lost my mummy and daddy! Please help!” Sir Jeff picked up the child, put him on his back and proceeded out of the fiery lands. But as he was walking he thought about what had happened. What was the purpose in saving someone if they were going to die eventually. No matter what we do, we can’t stop the inevitable death of everyone! After about an hour of carrying they had gotten sufficiently far away from danger were able to rest. Sir Jeff set the child down and turn around to grab some water from his bag for he was incredibly thirsty. When he turned back around, he saw that it was not in fact a child he had carried, but the wizard …show more content…
This book says I can have eternal life!” “Dude I’m so pumped that you finally achieved your goal. If you can dream it, you can be it!” but as Goldy the Golden Goldfish looked at Sir Jeff he saw that he did not look quite satisfied so Goldy the Golden Goldfish intervened, “Let me guess, you don 't understand how.” “Oh Goldy the Golden Goldfish please help I really have no idea what the passage actually meant!” This was true because Sir Jeff was the dumbest and knight in all of king Arthur’s court. “The verse says to seek Jesus and if you do he will reward you with eternal life. Its like super cool.” ““This is brilliant Goldy! I’ve done it ! I’ve found meaning through this book and can now live the rest of my life without fear of the unknown. Thank you Goldy for reading for

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