Golden Vail High School Case Study

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Every administrator’s dream, is to be hired at a school where there is a positive school culture, natural collaboration, transparency among all stakeholders, and a common shared vision. A place where progressive thinking from staff and students are welcome, and school pride and academic performance is soaring. Unfortunately, many of schools do not encompass those characteristics on one campus. It often takes years to find an administrative leader, build relationships, and have a shared vision to take a school to the next level. Golden Vail High School (GVHS) in the Universal Center Joint Unified School District (UCJUSD) is no different, and after change in administration, it has experienced its fair share of troubles. After many years of administrative leadership under Principal Denzel Clooney, Golden Vail acquired new principal, Dr. Julia Adams. Although the high school had been a closed campus for numerous years, Dr. Adams, has entertained conversations regarding more …show more content…
Des Moines Independent Community School District (1969), the court found that students had the right to exercise their freedom of speech when wearing a black armband to protest the Vietnam War, because it was a form of symbolic freedom of speech (Kemerer and Sansom, 2013). As a result, Johnny’s act of holding a sign, was his symbolic form of expressing his freedom of speech. In addition, because it is assumed that he has no prior history of disruption, the school district do not have the right to conclude that Johnny’s action had or could have subnational disruption. Furthermore, the legal team could also claim that Ms. Cruz, the teacher who seized the sign from Johnny, not only infringed on his freedom of speech, but put their lives in danger as she violently ran across the street between motorists, which could of lead to an accident. Although Johnny’s legal team has substantial claims, Universal Center Joint Unified School District, also as has a strong

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