Effective Learning Environment

Creating a learning environment where students have access the social, academic, and emotional support they need requires dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. Progressive schools thrive on parent involvement, excellent classroom management techniques, and talented staff members. Administrators need to be set strong expectations, offer strong communication platforms, build relationships, provide resources and promote a culture of change to support their school.
If the goal of a school is to prepare students academically, teachers and administrators must set clear expectations for learning. Clear goals and objectives must be set for student performance and then assessed to measure academic learning. Parents, students
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Additionally, all of our high school departments are re-writing curriculum or implementing new curriculum. There are numerous pains and gains associated with these steps. Our building has had a very eventful year with staff issues. Our administration had to terminate teacher mid-year and we have had numerous student and staff issues. The impact of setting high standards can be painful, but is very necessary when the goal is academic, emotional, and social preparedness.
Communication is necessary for school success. Administrators share policies and updates to staff via meetings and email. Communication aids in ensuring accountability and helps ensure guarantee all parties are on the same page. When two-way communication is used, all stakeholders feel valued because their voices are heard. Additionally, better ideas are generated and implementation is a smoother process.
I am responsible for all the communication channels from the high school. I developed and send the weekly e-newsletter and develop and post content for our social media sites. I also develop the lesson plans for the weekly advisory block lessons. I am sensitive to the number of responses we receive and I am always looking for better ways to reach out to
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Teachers work in an environment where change is inevitable; educational professionals have a classroom of changing personalities, home dynamics, and learning needs on a daily basis. Administrators who can develop a strategy to involve their staff, parents, and students in developing a vision for the school will be the most successful. These schools will have a common vision and be more ownership in the solution. When all stakeholders own the problem of student success, student achievement will improvement and community involvement will increase.
Last spring, I wrote the response to a portion of our school district’s Title I audit. We need to implement a leadership team with parent involvement. This year, I have watched this process blossom into many solid ideas to benefit our student population. Additionally, our staff feels more ownership and recognized for their contributions. I enjoy working closely with the parents who are so willing to give of their time and talent for the good of all the children.
To sow the seeds of successful school, an administrator needs to cultivate many parts. However, when stakeholders are involved in the process, there are clear expectations, communications, and the right support, the foundation is set. Change is inevitable in today’s educational climate. A savvy administrator will understand change is coming and prepare for it instead of waiting for

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