Gold Of The Ancient Chinese Dynasty Essay

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Gold In the ancient Chinese dynasties has been represented in different material. Before the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC- 403BC). Gold often was represented bronze, which was the dominate and widespread material other than iron. Ancient people did not understand so much about gold, and also the limited availability of gold. Precious metal gold was not utilized regularly until a few dynasties later. However, After the Warring States Period (403BC- 221BC). People started to consider in which gold was the precious metal gold as we known the gold today. Depend on the time, gold has various meanings in Chinese culture, such as imperial, power, aristocracy, religion, and currency. China had a huge among of gold reserve during ancient time. According to The Treatise on Food and Money, which documenting the government’s policies and socio-economic since the ancient Han dynasty. The book shows that the relationship of market value, gold, and silver. In the Han dynasty, 500 gram gold could exchange 1500 gram silver. In the Song dynasty, 500 gram gold could exchange 6500 gram silver. Finally, in the Qing dynasty, 500 gram gold could exchange 15000 gram sliver. There are two possibilities reasons could cause this phenomenon. Firstly, based on technology limitation, the exploitation of gold is far more difficult than silver, which also limited the quantity of gold. Secondly, global trading occurred frequently. Since, at least, Ming dynasty, international caravans, most of from the…

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