Essay on Goffman 's Presentation Of Self

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Erving Goffman is an American sociologist who wrote The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life and views social interactions amongst people as individuals or “team performances.” He believes that we, as human beings, are actors and that the world is our stage. We wear masks that are very deceiving to the audience, because we present the best versions of ourselves. We are always “performing,” which refers to everything that we do in front of an audience or an observer. This gives an impression and information that helps to confirm the identity of that individual. Setting has a huge impact of the performance of the individual. For example, one would act different at a club than at church. The appearance and manner of an individual also has an impact on how the individual is portrayed. Appearance tells the audience the status and gender of an individual. For instance, one in a business suit would indicate high social status, whereas one in a McDonald’s uniform would represent someone of lower class standing. Each individual has a front, which one highlights his or her most desired traits. These fronts are what is being shown to the audience. Each individual also has a back or off-stage region, in which he or she can be themselves. These are elements in which Goffman calls Dramaturgical Framework. These are some of the points that I will address in my three attached conversations.
Nguyen 2 Goffman uses the term “performance” to represent “all the activity of an individual which…

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