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Discovery Essay:
Essay Question: the process of discovery can cause a person to question their view of the world.
An individual’s discoveries and their process of discovering can vary according to personal, cultural, historical and social contexts and values. Discoveries may be questioned or challenged when viewed from different perspectives and their worth may be reassessed over time. The six participants Raye, Raquel, Adam, Glenny, Darren and Roderick in the documentary “Go Back to Where You Came From” found their discoveries very confronting and provocative. It lead them to new worlds and values, stimulate new ideas and has enabled them to speculate about future possibilities. The six Australians undertake a journey to discover the
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She says, “I could have gone over there with a gun and shot the lot of them, they don’t have a right.” She is shown the snapshot of this dialogue in an interview later in the experiment and she cannot believe it. “Did I actually say that?” she questions as she is now more compassionate and caring towards refugees after experiencing their lives first hand and discovering the stories behind their flight in search of safety. She is established as a motherly figure and is a representative of the older rural Australian. Her negative views about asylum seekers and her anger towards them motivated her to be part of this discovery and undertake the journey and also her husband assisted her in discovering a new perspective on refugees. Her husband says that she became consumed because the detention center was build the opposite of her house. He encouraged her to confront her anger towards the refugees that lived across the road from her and undertake the journey they had taken but in reverse.
The ramifications of a discovery could differ for individuals and their worlds. As soon as she starts to live with the Masudi family in Wadoonga, her views about the refugees began to change. She believes that they are the “most beautiful people she has met” and discovers that her first impression were misguided. The close up camera shots of Raye, when she was talking to Bahati Masudi’s wife about the

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