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Go Back To Where You Came From Analysis - Religion

Go Back To Where You Came From is an Australian documentary/reality show in which participants are given the opportunity to experience what the life of refugee and asylum seeker can be like, albeit edited and packaged for an audience. During the course of the three hour long series, the six individuals not only have the chance to get under the skin of a refugee in terms of achieving a greater degree of insight into what being a refugee really means, but also to get on the viewing audiences nerves in perhaps all or any of the of the first three senses described above. Moreover the refugees participating in the series may ‘get under the skin’ of the programme participants and the
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(Go Back To Where You Came From Episode 1 12min12sec)
Darren’s language is reviling. His view is that Australia is being “bombarded”. To this ex-soldier, Australia is a target, a surface at which projectiles can be aimed. The space where Australian’s live, including him and his family, is threatened. As a responsible parent, it would be normally reprehensible to subject one’s children to risk. This is a practice he would not indulge in. Therefore Australians must communicate a message to asylum seekers. – What Darren’s “tougher signal” is exactly is unclear (not board unseaworthy vessels, not bring their children?)At this point. In another, post-series, context, he draws an analogy with warning people about the risks of not wearing cycle helmets when riding a bicycle. “This is really dangerous and irresponsible, don’t do it”

Raquel is introduced to the viewer walking down a street in Blacktown, an outer suburb of Western Sydney. Raquel talks directly to the camera telling us she has been living in the area since she was 16 (she is now 21), and she remembers that when she first came;
“There were a few Sudanese her and there” now however, “they’re everywhere, you go to Blacktown and now it’s really black town. They’ve just taken over. I’m probably the only white person her” (Go Back To Where You Came From Episode 1 15min39sec)
This last remark is confided to the camera in a manner that does not bespeak fear. The framing of the image almost

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