Essay on Globalization : The Pros And Cons

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Globalization: The pros and cons

Being a part of generation that is growing with the trend of the globalization, I felt obligated to recognize the pros and cons of the globalization. We live in the world that we could travel around the globe anytime we wish and shop for any products that we want by a click. We, in the 21st century, are spoiled by all the technological innovations, global trades and international opportunities. Although globalization brought us uncountable benefits and welfare, we should not ignore the down side of the globalization. Globalization is a contradicting and complex process, but indeed globalization could have both positive and negative effects on the society.

The rising trend of the digital media around the world is making technology the main driving force of the globalization. Technology made the world seem smaller. As an international student, I have many friends from different countries and various cultural backgrounds. Nowadays, I can talk to them or see their posts just by sliding my phone screen. Whereas in the past, I have to travel long distance by a very old-fashioned transportation to visit their countries or places to just to say “Hi”. According to Kaufman in his article Is the World Getting Smaller or Larger, he stated that “With the technological capabilities we have today, people in faraway lands do not have to wait for days or weeks to communicate with each other and exchange items.” (Kaufman) The technology abridged the…

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