Essay on Globalization Is The Primary Cause Of Climate Change

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Throughout history, numerous societies have dealt with many struggles and conflicts. Global pandemics and climate change are just two of these struggles that society still deals with today. History, particularly the historic backgrounds of ancient, medieval, and modern times, can educate people on solutions to these problems. First, Jared Diamond explains how climate change influences lifestyles of the ancient Maori and medieval Greenland Norse. Second, Richard A. Muller addresses the dangers of the coal global market, it’s origin, and biological terrors that still influence global pandemics today. Lastly, the third author, John Aberth, explains how people dealt with global pandemics during the medieval times. All three authors incorporate one theme: that globalization is the primary cause of climate change and global pandemics throughout history.
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed, written by Jared Diamond, a professor of geography at the University of California, Los Angeles, poses his opinion on how human endeavors have impacted climate change throughout history. The author uses the Maori, located in New Zealand, and the Europeans, to illustrate the influences of globalization. Before the Europeans arrived, the Maori rarely engaged in wars, due to the modesty of agriculture productivity and their staple crop of sweet potatoes. The Maori couldn’t grow enough sweet potatoes to feed distant marches or an army, due to the limitations of the humid climate.…

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