Essay about Globalization Is Impacting The World

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The idea of the world’s people becoming increasingly more interconnected and interdependent through the movement of ideas, beliefs, religions, and lifestyles across the planet is explained through globalization. Globalization is moving faster and faster than ever before reaching into every corner and affecting all the world’s citizens. Whether one would argue if globalization is affecting us in a positive or harmful way is up to he/she themself. The author of this source most obviously agrees that globalization is impacting the world in a negative form, as the source talks about cultural homogenization taking over the earth. It speaks of how Western lifestyles, and the Western ideology is becoming the dominant culture, and uses strong words such as “dominated”, “driven”, and “invaded” to show exactly how much of an impact Western globalization has had. It states that cultural homogenization is spreading in the world due to the increase in globalization, remarking on how the world’s cultures are slowly becoming one as we all read the same books, watch the same movies, wear the same clothes with the same music on all the same phones. It then goes on further to say a single global culture dominated by Western values and lifestyles which suggests how the Western world is slowly becoming the assertive culture as it’s books, movies, fashions, etc are the overpowering aspects of globalization. It talks of these elements being driven by trade and communicated through entertainment…

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