Globalization Has Caused Poverty And More Child Labor Essay

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Globalization has caused poverty and more child labor in Guatemala. This issues are making children miss school, creating adult unemployment, and causing people to migrate to the United States. My plan to solve this is contribute aid to adults that would help them provide for now and will keep providing them in the future, make school mandatory, create organizations to help kids with school and give them after school jobs to help their families while they study and last but not least, make public health more affordable. if we can make this possible more people would get out poverty and live a decent and suitable life, more kids would become professionals and won 't turn into violence and gangs and it will decrease death rates.

Child Labor is creating a cycle of poverty in Guatemala. In the first place, child labor deprives kids from going to school and doesn’t apport them anything useful for their future. “exploitative working conditions create a cycle of poverty. Poor parents send their children to work, depriving them of education, thus keeping them poor” (Child Labor and Sweatshops). Child labor and Sweatshops describes child labor as an exploitative system. In other words, this system ties children to that type of work without an option because that is the only thing they know how to do and ties the next generation to the same lifestyle as well. Not only that, but the salary they get is not enough to get out of poverty or even sustain their basic necessities like…

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