Globalization And Poverty And Child Labor In Guatemala

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Globalization has caused poverty and more child labor in Guatemala. This issues are making children miss school, creating adult unemployment, and causing people to migrate to the United States. My plan to solve this is contribute aid to adults that would help them provide for now and will keep providing them in the future, make school mandatory, create organizations to help kids with school and give them after school jobs to help their families while they study and last but not least, make public health more affordable. if we can make this possible more people would get out poverty and live a decent and suitable life, more kids would become professionals and won 't turn into violence and gangs and it will decrease death rates.

Child Labor
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Politicians all around the world take a huge part in child labor and poverty, because they don 't put the importance in regulating labour market conditions hence child labour participation decrease as they should. “Some analysts see workplace exploitation as a necessary step on a nation 's road to prosperity.” (Child labor and Sweatshops) This implies that most people think that child labor is a “necessary evil” for the economy of a country, which I personally don 't think is true because this factories can still bring the same or even more money to the country if they don 't exploit their employees and pay them a decent salary to live. Child labor and Sweatshop mentions that, “They issued a declaration calling on governments to take direct action against child labor. Introducing this declaration to the U.S. Congress, Senator Thomas Harkin (D-Iowa) pronounced the death of the arguments that exploitative child labor is a necessary evil for economic development and that it is acceptable because of a country 's economic circumstances and cultural traditions.” With this they admit that the governments of the countries that suffer from child labor don’t make or enforce laws against it. Politicians create more poverty and …show more content…
Guatemala’s government wants to maintain a close relationship with the United States of America for business. ¨He said he hoped to maintain close relations with other nations, "and especially the United States” (Buckman) Robert Buckman claims that Guatemala’s government wants to maintain close relationships with the other nations as well as with the United States for business. With this in mind, the government can actually help poverty because this business would bring money to the country that can be use to help poor people that are in need. Buckman remarks that "In order to reach an agreement on immigration. He said he hoped to visit Washington ‘when the opportunity arises’" this implies that the government is trying to reach to an agreement with the United States of America on immigration, because due to poverty a lot of people are emigration to the United States. ¨she voted for Mr. Colom because "I think he has a better program - in health, education and the environment. He 's been in the political arena for many years and has capable people around him. He 's thoughtful, not impulsive." (Buckman). Buckman acknowledges that most people voted for the current president because he had a plan to make education and health better, and that is what people strive for the most, and also because he is a president that thinks before he

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