Global Economic Analysis

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The global economy is under the watchful eye of economist, politicians, big business, foreign business, and consumers. Due to the increase in world stock markets, investors are noticing global growth. The global economy is impacting economic activities and affecting how we live. Economic activity involves how materials produced, distributed and the measuring level of consumption of goods.
A globally social class associated with economics depends on the other for survival. Through, political policies, economic outcomes change how many people live. Several political policies cause problems in class systems. Policies assist in combining technology with economy, and changing our world through expansions of goods. By integrating the economy with
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Granted in the past, and as knowing people put their trust in this system and continue to work daily (Heilbroner, R. (1997). Technology and Capitalism, 1321325).
By doing so, they change the meaning of technology operation into capitalism and other social orders. Nevertheless the public sector duties dealing with exclusive rights of the government, while the private sector obligations are to produce a considerable amount of output in bulks. These two sectors are important to capitalism both political and economics are essential in forming redefining the operation of the technology. Another critical point of investigating each sector in related to technology is capital and wealth. Wealth consists of commodities that have value it giving the owner a sense of power that will not be sold or offer for sale, only in emergency. Capitals (materials) symbolized as commodities like wool, coal, or labor force that produces incredible wealth. In fact, those commodities that placed on the market cost extra money than the production of them making the receipt wealthy. This compelling concept is where you find technology’s role in our history and
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On the contrary, the tools are incredible still it proposes pros and cons in using diverse applications. (Internet, web, facebook, jobs etc.). There are benefits for the user in using particular applications in social media examples are connecting you to people not usually in your circle of friends (facebook). Sharing of ideas, a resource creates productivity among users as they broaden their knowledge and expanding the ability to complete work tasks (Walaski, P. (2013). Social Media...). Undoubtedly as an employer one can gather a collective knowledge through collaboration, increasing employee’s ability to identify and improve on skills that are first-rate practices for the

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