Globalization and Children Essay

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To what extent has globalization improved the lives of children and youth?
To say that globalization has affected the lives of children and youth around the world would be an understatement. But with the growth over the years from globalization, many pros and cons have come out of it. The forthcoming of globalization has done wonders to developed countries, but not so much for underdeveloped countries. This is why I stand on a thin line between if it has improved the lives plenty, or not quite enough.
Globalization has increased economic competition. With this producers try to provide goods and services of value at the lowest possible prices. To achieve such a goal, manufacturer’s hire youth and children. They force the youth and
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It has worsened it through the way they cover stories, to technology becoming so advanced that today’s children in developed countries are becoming lazier, and lazier and this is why we see the rate of child obesity increasing so drastically. Everything that these children could need is right at their fingertips; they don’t have to leave their bed to get what they need done. With technology advancing every day, these children and youth are becoming too dependent on their gadgets, that if their parents take them away, or they are broken, they don’t know what to do. They forget their childhood games, playing outside, and any face to face human connections seems strange to them. Now with the way media covers their stories, they get the information we as individuals would like to know, but instead of giving it to us at is happens they manipulate their story to make it seem more enticing and to lure more people in to watching and supporting their station
So to sum it up, globalization has to a small extent provided some improvement to lives of youth and children around the world, but there are too many cons to say that it has done a great deal. In developed countries it twists the mind of the children and youth by portraying news stories incorrectly, and to put it bluntly, making our kids fat due to the lack of exercise they are partaking in

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