Global Warming Journey

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Kathryn Allison
Professor Roddy
English 1302
10 October 2017
Global Warming
In June of 2017, I stumbled upon a news article addressing that Donald Trump decided to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. Initially I was confused as to why my friends and family were reacting so dramatically to this news, but the more I read about the relevance of the Paris Climate Agreement, the more I began to feel the same way. From the first science classes I took in public school to graduation, I learned about greenhouse-gasses and the basics of global warming- how humanity has such a deep impact on our planet’s health. With a background of compassion for our environment and the lives of future generations, researching
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Reading and learning about the environment raised a cornucopia of questions that I felt a strong need to find answers for. How big of a role does humanity play in global warming? I made a list of questions in order to find the main points to focus on while researching, for there are so many things to consider when researching such a vast, worldwide topic. Why is global warming such a negative topic in politics and the media, and why are people so skeptical of greener alternatives? How does global warming effect not only the environment, but humanity across the globe as well? What are some things we can do to reverse or prevent the damage that we have done? Answering these questions would provide a sense of clarity on the subject and guide me towards educating others on the reality of the …show more content…
I learned a multitude of ways to reduce global warming ranging from small scale to large scale changes. I gained various perspectives on the issue, from pessimistic portrayals to optimistic attitudes. By studying how humanity is also affected by global warming, I realized that many people are displaced by changes in climate and weather patterns across the globe. Finally, I studied the perspectives on the Paris Climate Agreement and found insight on the corrupt reasons why our president made the decision to leave the

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