Essay on Global Warming Is A Real Problem The Population Faces Today

724 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 3 Pages
Global warming is a real problem the population faces today. The debate between if climate change is a real problem or not could easily be put to an end if the general public had access to scholarly databases. The most commonly used excuse as to why global warming does not exist is the harsh winters certain areas of the United States receive. What many people do not know is that local weather and overall climate do not coincide with each other. In addition, environmental changes and actions needed to help slow the process down has become a political issue as well. To begin, global warming is an issue caused by industrial linked, greenhouse gas emissions (Smith & Leiserowitz). Being one of the leading producers of emissions, right next to China, the United States tries to find ways to encourage the population to aid in reducing the amount of pollution created; for example, giving a flex fuel tax credit to those with eco-friendly vehicles. Even President Obama recognizes the dangers of global warming, knowing it is a factual problem the nation is facing today. There has been research conducted attempting to link the climate temperature rise to the increase of hurricane activity, and this is majorly significant because if the two are linked, the United States is causing damage to itself (Payne). Secondly, global warming has become just another public policy issue the general public is minimally aware of (Payne). Surprisingly, some of the general population believes that…

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