Global Warming Is A Natural Cycle Of The Earth Essay

1029 Words Mar 9th, 2015 5 Pages
Global warming is one of the issues that have not caught attention to the many individuals, when this issue is brought up in conversation. They often try to avoid it by saying it is a natural cycle of the earth. Some people feel regretful and concerned; some are just careless. Distinctive perspectives yield diverse thinking on this issue. Throughout the many years, researchers have examined Earth’s atmosphere to find the causes and effect of the global warming and looking for the solution to decrease its causes. Whether we ignore this topic, global warming issue is a big concern to schools and media globally. Jonathan Baron has noted that “It might be argued that we should have known about global warming since 1896, when Svante Arrhenius first proposed the idea and then provided estimates that agree fairly well with modern computer models” (140). This shows that people are careless about this problem since 1896 when the first man showed the theory of global warminG. Global warming has caught attention of many in recent years because temperature fluctuation has risen and scientists have proved it by studying the temperatures over the yearS. In an article by Anthony Lupo, green house gases are good for the planet but he does not mention anything about the limit of those gasS. While there are many developing countries that don’t care about the global warming, developed nations are very well known of this situationIn. For this reason, developed nations investors are investing…

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