Global Warming Essay Topics

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I will be writing about Global Warming. Global Warming has been a local issue because it is shaping the world til this day . Many people ask the question what is Global Warming ? Global warming is something that is not really answered.
I choose to write about this topic because to me this has been a big issue. Global Warming impacts our lives in many ways. I also, chose to write about Global Warming because it’s an issue that is not really brought to many people’s attention . Global Warming is an issue that you have to actually look into. You may ask how is Global warming caused.?
In the United States power plants represent the single largest source of carbon pollution spreading about 2 tons in the air daily in a year. Are there any solutions?
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The current Global Warming is a current warming trend . As of right now , Global Warming is getting actually worst then any other years. I say this because currently the Earth has gotten warmer than ever before . Causing effect’s on animals as well that’s living in cold places for an example Polar bears and etc. Global has been an unanswered topic. In order to make a difference I believe I should start a movement to change how people across the world treat the world. A change that could also, be made is allowing Global Warming to become a known issue that people care about. I think Global Warming is an issue that is not getting taken seriously …show more content…
Leonardo described Global Warming and or climate change to be ‘’the most urgent threat facing our entire species ‘’And we need to be leaders all around the world to support leaders who don’t speak upon the issue of Global Warming and who speak for all of humanity .

Global warming vs. Climate change has been a big discussion on news networks. Fox had failed to give accurate information on both of these issues. Misleading 71% of the time and being 28% accurate . CNN failed to describe climate change and MSNBC was the only network that actually had the right information having 8% of misleading people and being 92% accurate . On one network the news person actually said that Global Warming is fake a hoax .

In many cases people did not know that the oceans had growing ice caps. Meaning that the fresh water would freeze way faster than the salt water and it would cause large growing ice caps. So once again people believe that Global warming is not big issue and is something that we should be worried

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