Essay on Global Warming And Its Effects On The World

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Whether it is being hotly debated by the nations top pundits on a news show or discussed in the term papers of meteorology students, global warming is a worldwide issue that has dominated the media circuits in waves of attention. Each time a major population center is devastated by an atmospheric disaster, or we are treated to a picture of a drought-stricken river, the general masses are once again reminded of their supposed (depending on the argument you subscribe to) impact on the planet we inhabit. With the advent of superstorms such as Hurricane Katrina and Andrew, with the rapidly drying arid areas of the Southwesten United States, and images of ice caps with emaciated polar bears hobbling along the great white expanse, it is impossible for us to not feel the need to intervene for the sake and survival of humans on Earth.

As the name suggests, global warming is the effect of the Earth 's average temperature rising slowly, which causes adverse climate conditions on Earth at an accelerated rate. If the global average temperature were to rise by one degree, that rise in temperature would result from several other areas on Earth “heating up” as greenhouse gases are trapped within the Earths atmosphere. This is a necessary process within the Earths atmosphere, as it makes the planet habitable for life as we know it by providing us with temperatures life can thrive under. This is called the greenhouse effect. as it can be simulated by how a greenhouse traps in heat and…

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