Essay on Global Turbulence And Its Impact On The Business Environment

1319 Words Jan 29th, 2016 6 Pages
Global turbulence is anticipated. Competition, instability and uncertainty are constants in a changing world. Organizations face an uncommon and growing number of future disruptions to the status quo and the best laid strategic plans. As history repeats itself, organizations once considered as effective will most likely fail unless currently associated and related risk factors of management and governance models are incorporated into scalable resilience metrics.
In order to thrive and prosper in the current business environment of volatility, dynamism and change, it is therefore necessary that firms must ensure they focus on resilience. Resilience applies at several levels comprising various levels such as that of the firm, region, and that of the national. At the national level, serious issues related to established and recognized societal institutions must be solid and made robust by various policies and legal measures, in the interest and welfare of the nationality in operations, crisis and resilience. At the level of the region it is important that particular infrastructural assets are effectively harnessed in highly interdependent ways in the service and benefit of the local constituents and should construe part of the national infrastructure. At the level of the organization, it is imperative that single and individual firms as well as units of operation ensure that their business operations and service delivery capacities are effective and efficient enough to handle…

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