Global Relations And International Cooperations Essay example

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Global Relations History is commonly thought to be a decent way to anticipate the outcomes of a situation that we are currently experiencing by comparing it to a similar event of the past. However, this preconceived idea about the past and its application to present and future events can actually impede the people in the general public from understanding the reality of global relations and international cooperations. Most people assume that being as countries have had past tensions due to conflicting interests, this will happen every time. This is simply not the case and in recent years we have seen increasing numbers of such international cooperation especially when it comes to places like Asia where the international presence is particularly strong. Using the theory of history repeating itself, the expectation would be major global conflict, world war 3. However being as this hasn’t happened, clearly history is not repeating itself anymore which raises the question, what is actually happening? Contrary to popular belief, conflicting interests of the governments do not cause tension in a region, rather they are preventing such strife by intertwining the interests of multiple governments. September 11th 2001 is a day that most Americans will never forget, but this tragedy didn’t just affect a singular country. On a global scale, many countries stepped up in response to the crisis to both support the US and unite against terrorist groups. For the first time in a while,…

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