Global Governance Of The United Nations Essay

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One of the biggest issues with the United Nations lies here with the Security Council, and the permanent 5 members more particularly due to the capacity of wielding veto powers. While some argue that the veto powers of the permanent 5 members create an equilibrium in the world, I suggest that it’s what is wrong with all the problems in the world, since 5 nations are able to control the way in which global governance occurs. Anything significant that happens in the world always relates to the interests of the overreaching permanent 5 members, and as such, their national self-interests are always on the table and none of the permanent 5 members are willing to give up any influence over a region, even if it’s morally and ethically opposed to the principles of the United Nations. For this reason, the global governance of the world is extremely hindered by the power of permanent 5 members and their national self-interest.
Other Institutions

The Economic and Social Council, which are responsible for the UN’s vast economic and social programs, are designed to improve social conditions and stabilize economic environments. They are also responsible for the coordination of the various specialized agencies. However, these institutions are very much susceptible to influences of powerful nations that wish to impose certain points of views over less powerful nations that stand for a more balanced approach. The International Court of Justice is outside the scope of this paper,…

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