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Global Finance, Inc. is an international organization with expansions in many states. In every state, the company has a number of sites and each site has several workers and customers. Offices are interconnected to each other and to the host organization. As an international organization, Global Finance, Inc. requires a robust network that can support its daily operations, a secure network system and efficient network management strategies. Normally, network choices rely on the company budget, network coverage, and internal and external regulations. Effective network security requires constant upgrades and close monitoring to ensure possible loopholes are sealed in time.
Executive Summery Global Finance, Inc. network is constructed by
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Some of these network challenges were not envisioned during network structure development. Despite the expansion, Global Finance, Inc. has experienced any incident as per PCI DSS. However as move to maintain network security compliance, this Risk Assessment has been undertaken to limit any future network risk that might have been overlooked during network initiation and over the past risk assessments. During the Global Finance, Inc. Risk Assessment, a number of potential network threats were found. The company has no measures to contain physical harm to computers and security measures to manage tampering from end users are minimal. Global Finance, Inc. has no continuity plans to manage in the organization, in case, the internet’s go out. Financial intuitions are vulnerable to attacks, owing to the nature of business. As a result, mitigation measures should be in place for any form of incompliance. Priority should be put in the most vulnerable places, which could harm the organization in short term. Security breach in Global Finance, Inc. might result into losses and loss of customers’ confidence. The diagram below illustrates the major risk domains in Global Finance, Inc. (Dana & Arkin, 2010).

Fig 1. Global Finance, Inc. Network Risk Domains While several organization network system can pose risk to the organization, during this risk assessment priority was put on:
1. Un-Patched Servers.
These are servers used in the

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