Essay on Global Economics And Competitive Environment

800 Words Mar 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Through the rise of the emerging markets, the Western multinational corporations are encountering the huge threats. North American and Western European companies now capture more than half of global profits, but it will no longer at all. I agree the article “The future and how to survive it”. In the article, it explain the change of the global economics and competitive environment in today’s world and the future. Even the Western multinational corporations still own the advantage of scale, global presence, and cost. They still cannot avoid the threat of emerging markets and smaller competitors brought. The article states the ways to survive, the company should be paranoid the facts, seek out patient capital to prepare the assault, overcome inertia to fight, build new intellectual assets and increase their talent labor forces on HR management.
I totally agree this article, since I come from the emerging markets in Asia. The growth economic of Asia is rapid and significant. Most multinational corporations in Asia are merging and acquiring the Western SMEs nowadays, to achieve their organizational capabilities. It is a serious warning to the Western businesses, they are suffering the different operating ways, organizational cultures and leaderships. Unlike the traditional market, the emerging markets are obviously showing their ambition these days.
However, in my opinion, Western companies still own the advantages the emerging markets’ seeking. Mature business culture model,…

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