Glenn T. Seaborg 's Influence On The Field Of Science Essay

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Glenn T. Seaborg was born in Ishpeming, Sweden in 1912, into a family known publically as being intelligent. However, in 1922, the family moved to California in order to expand their opportunities. In high school, he had no interest in science. However, a science class was required for graduation. A teacher named Dwight Logan Reid is given credit for his interest in the field. Due to his family’s finances, the nearby University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) was his only option; due to its free tuition. Financial hardships were common throughout Seaborg’s childhood and early adulthood due to the Great Depression in 1929 to 1939. However, these financial barriers exhibited throughout the book represent Seaborg’s ability to succeed in the field of science despite all factors holding him back.
Seaborg acknowledges and displays his hard work and dedication despite financial trouble throughout the book in his scientific accomplishments. During the summer prior to attending UCLA, he spent his summer working for a tire company in order to afford living expenses. He ultimately did whatever it took to succeed at UCLA. He accepted various jobs during his free time and over summer breaks and borrowed money from those close to him if he was unable to gain the money in time. Seaborg stated that chemistry came naturally to him, with the exception of organic chemistry, but the courses he was proudest of were the two he took in psychology. He spent as much time studying the professor…

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